Esso Minor Hockey Week




This year we are proud to recognize the 40th anniversary where Imperial Oil has been the major supporting partner for “Esso Minor Hockey Week”.   Imperial has been closely linked to Canada’s national sport since sponsoring the first national radio broadcasts of professional hockey in 1936. Their sponsorship today is focused on hockey events, activities and programs that support kids and local communities across Canada including Esso Medals of Achievement, Esso Fun Days and Esso Minor Hockey Week in Calgary.

Whether your team plays two games, or are fortunate to play all the way to the Championship game, you have been part of the of the pure joy that makes Esso Minor Hockey Week so special. Each year, at this time, we have come together as a hockey community, we have played hard together and we can all leave together with a smile on our face because we have all been part of the largest hockey tournament in the world!

Esso Minor Hockey Week Rules

2019 Esso Minor Hockey Week – Special Rules


MINOR NOVICE games scheduled as part of Esso Minor Hockey Week (January 12 & 13) will be played according to regular game play guidelines and rules of play.

GAMES WILL END AT THE SCHEDULED TIME REGARDLESS OF WHEN THE GAME STARTS. If delays occur for any reason, including a previous game going late, and the game cannot be completed within the scheduled time, the following procedure must be followed:

  • At the first stoppage of play when time reaches five (5) minutes left on the permit, the timekeeper will notify the referee. At this stoppage in play the clock will be reset to two (2) minutes and the remainder of the game completed with stop time.
  • Due to scheduling constraints, some teams may not get their full game time – this is unfortunate but both teams will have an equal opportunity to affect the outcome of the game.


OVERTIME FORMAT FOR FINAL GAMES ONLY: If the score is tied at the end of regulation, teams will play three (3) minutes of sudden death overtime. To commence overtime, each team will place four players on the ice (ie: this may be 4 skaters and no goaltender or 3 skaters and a goaltender).  This number will be reduced by one (1) for each player serving the balance of a penalty incurred in regulation. Teams will not change ends for the overtime period, and the time clock will be set for three (3) minutes. OVERTIME PERIOD WILL BE STOP TIME. Teams may change on the fly at any time.


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