Date: Nov 10, 2020

To: Hockey Calgary Members

From: Jamie Henry – Manager – Development & Hockey Operations

CC: HC Board of Directors, Kevin Kobelka – HC Executive Director

SUBJECT: Close Contact and International Border Testing Pilot Project – 2020/21 Season

As outlined in our Return to Hockey October 29 Update, Hockey Calgary is carefully transitioning from the ‘Development Season’ to the ‘Team Training’ and modified ‘Regular Season’ phases. Hockey Calgary’s transition and new phases strictly follow AHS guidelines. It compresses the contact each individual team has with their opponent to a 1-week period, which is then followed by a 2-week period in their small group of 15-20 players. This effectively reduces the consistent, on-going interaction between cohort participants outside of their individual team.

As we learn new information and as the landscape continues to change, here are a couple key clarifications:

  • Close Contacts
    • We have been given clarification on what a close contact is in a hockey setting:
      • “For sports that involve close, sustained or intermittent and repeated contact, all members of the teams playing each other are considered close contacts when there is a case on a team.”
    • Coaches – If a positive Covid-19 case participates in a game, the coaches of that team who participate on the players’ bench in that game will be considered close contacts regardless of mask usage or designation as a cohort or physically distanced coach.
    • In most instances, the coaches of the opposing team will not be considered close contacts
    • In most instances, referees and off-ice officials will not be considered close contacts
    • More information on Close Contacts can be found HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Each case has different nuances, and it is entirely possible that an AHS contact tracer will conclude something that differs from the above information. AHS will make the final call.

  • International Border Testing Pilot Project
    • Alberta is piloting a project where eligible participants returning to Canada at select border locations may have their quarantine (normally 14 days) reduced provided they meet specific criteria.
    • All Hockey Calgary players, coaches, team officials, on and off-ice officials participating in the International Border Testing Pilot Project will not be permitted to participate in hockey upon their return to Canada until they have received their 2nd negative test as per the pilot.
    • More information on the pilot project can be found HERE.

Thank you for your continued attention, due diligence, and understanding as we navigate these difficult times. Hockey is a team sport, and it will require a team effort to keep our kids safe, our programs going, and our kids on the ice.


Jamie Henry
Manager – Development & Hockey Operations