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U15 Conditioning Skates

These sessions aren’t mandatory, but they are a great opportunity for your player to prepare for evaluations. You will find your player's assigned times for these sessions below. Please note players are identified though their Hockey Canada ID#.

  • Please bring both a light and dark jersey. Depending on the numbers of players that show, we will balance the teams. NO red or orange jerseys are permitted. Light is white / yellow /light grey. Dark is black or dark green / dark blue.
  • We will have a 5-minute warmup and then will play. The clock will run continually and there will be a buzzer every 1 minute for shift change.
    When the buzzer goes, leave the puck where it is. Puck stays live. No face-offs.
  • Penalties will be penalty shots with the infractioned player lining up at centre ice, everyone else on the far blue line. On the whistle, the play is live.
    When there is a goal or the goalie stops the puck or if there is an offside, the other team must clear to the blue line.
  • Any major penalty or any play where there is deemed to be intent to injure will result in a suspension for the game and will be referred to the Bow River Executive if required for further review.
  • Ice times are made up of all levels in U15. These are NON-BODY-CHECKING SESSIONS, but please note hockey is a contact sport and officials on the ice will have the discretion to call as they see it.
  • Players are not being evaluated at these sessions. We’re looking forward to seeing the kids on the ice and having some fun!

U15 Checking Look-up

Your Age Group Coordinator will be in touch once the look-up is "live"

U15 Non-Checking Look-up

Your Age Group Coordinator will be in touch once the look-up is "live"

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