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Update on 2020-21 Officials Clinics

On-ice officials in Alberta are asked to take note of the following changes being implemented by Hockey Alberta and the Hockey Alberta Officials Committee for registration and clinics for the 2020-21 season.

For new officials, and returning Level I and II officials, in-person certification clinics will not start until after Thanksgiving weekend. The current targeted start date is the weekend of October 17-18, but that is subject to change based on developments within the province regarding COVID-19.

For Levels III-VI officials, they are eligible to sign up for a virtual (video conference) session to obtain their certification for 2020-21. These clinics will be available starting in late September.

For any official who was certified in 2019-20, that certification remains valid until January 31, 2021. Normally, certification from the previous season remains valid until December 15, but for this season, Hockey Canada has provided a special exemption extending that deadline by one month.

Clinic registration will begin in mid-September (specific date TBD). Check the Hockey Alberta Officials website (link above) for updates and current information pertaining to officiating and the 2020-21 season.

Want to Become a Certified Official?

Officiating is a significant component of the game of hockey. Without officials, there is no game. It is officials passion and dedication to the game of hockey, that makes the game possible for over 14,000 kids in Calgary.


To become certified as an official in Calgary you need to complete an online course and attend an officials certification clinic. More information can be found through the Hockey Alberta Officials website link.

To officiate you must be at least 13 years of age by December 31.




BRBHA will reimburse its referees for clinic fees. Please email your receipt to the BRBHA Administrator PRIOR TO DECEMBER 15. Cheques will be mailed after December 15.

What do I need?

Required Equipment:

  • Black CSA certified helmet
  • CSA certified half visor
  • Clean official's black and white sweater with Hockey AB crest on front left side and Hockey Canada on the left arm
  • Arm bands
  • Black, pressed pants
  • Black skates with white laces (goalie skates not allowed)
  • Metal or black plastic whistle
  • Hockey Canada Rule Book
  • Elbow pads (optional but recommended)
  • Athletic support and cup (optional but recommended)
  • Shin Pads (optional but recommended)



Who Officiates What Divisions? Who Assigns the Officials?

Referees/Linesmen for U9 or U11 are assigned by the Community Referee Coordinator of the Host Association/Team.

For U13 Division 4 and lower, the Hockey Alberta will assign the referee only and the linesmen are assigned by the Community Referee Coordinator.

For all U13 Divisions 1-3, U15, U18, U21 and Female games, the officials are assigned by Hockey Alberta.




Get your Hockey Canada Rule Book App to educate yourself as a parent or a coach on what calls the Officials are making during a game.


Are you and your family new to hockey? Ever wonder what the referee just called? Here are a few tips to help you understand the game a little better.
A Minor penalty is 2 minutes. A Double Minor penalty is 4 minutes. A Major penalty is 5 minutes.
The seriousness or severity of the penalty will determine whether it is a Minor, Double Minor, or Major penalty. Penalties are called at the discretion of the Referee.
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