Thank you for being a Team Manager ...


Taking on the role of Team Manager should not be taken lightly.  This is a demanding job and it requires someone who can communicate well, be extremely organized and someone who is prepared to make decisions that are in the best interests of everyone on the team.  Good managers will lead a team through important decisions on budgets and tournaments while ensuring everyone is included in the process.  Be respectful of family budgets when it comes to spending decisions and work on a fundraising plan that is fair to everyone.

The tabs below provide a wealth of information to help simplify the job, but do not underestimate the importance of your role.  A great manager usually means a great year for everyone on the team, both the players and families.

Thank you for taking on this position and donating so much of your time to your fellow hockey families.



Bow River Bruins Hockey Association (BRBHA) will adhere to the Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta guidelines relating to all aspects of its Safety Protocols.  All related documentation can be located on the Hockey Canada website, the Coaches Handbook and can be located on the Bow River Website.

Not limited to and including are the following BRBHA Policies and Procedures.

To encourage continuous improvement with the BRBHA Safety Program, random Safety reviews may occur during the season.

The Safety Coordinator will host training sessions for team designates regarding the Safety guidelines to insure a high level of standards are maintained. This will be delivered as a mentoring approach to Safety.

Each team will report back to the Safety Coordinator within 24 hours of a major incident.  (A major incident is an event that requires ANY outside resources like Emergency Medical Services, Fire Department, Police intervention or transportation to a medical facility)

Each team will report back to the Safety Coordinator within 48 hours of a minor event. (A minor incident is an event not requiring medical attention or an environmental safety issue)

The Safety Coordinator will prepare and present a monthly report to the BRBHA Executive.

Please reference the following linked documents important forms and information.

To contact the BRBHA Safety Coordinator please email

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Bow River Bruins Hockey Association

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