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With our enrolment numbers changing yearly, it is difficult to project what our Timbits schedule will look like from year to year. Ice times and schedules will not be finalized until September after the on-ice coordinators have had a chance to see the players skate. Your patience is appreciated during this process as there are many factors involved in determining teams and schedules.

General overview of the Bow River Timbits program:

  • The focus of the Timbits program is on developing the FUNdamentals of hockey.
  • The Timbits program is suitable for all ranges of skill from just learning to the next Gaudreau.
  • Your player will have 2 practices per week.
  • Practices will have multiple teams on the ice at once. Generally the skaters rotate through various stations/activities in smaller groups,  bookended by a larger group activity.
  • Junior teams are generally first year players but can also include second year players based on a beginner skill level.  Senior teams are generally second year players but can also include first year players based on a more advanced skill level.
  • In September all registered Timbit players will have some assessment skate times. This allows the coordinators to build balanced teams (skill wise) to ensure a fun environment for all the Timbit players.  These sessions are not considered evaluations and teams will not be built on a tiered skill level.  The teams may be at a different level than other organizations due to numbers registered in Timbits or skill variations and can also change throughout the year as children develop in different ways and at different rates.
  • There are no requests for days of the week. Players will be placed on their team and that will determine their hockey schedule for the remainder of the season.  You will find this out on draft night.
  • A team draft will take place at the Montgomery Community Hall in September.  The regular hockey season will begin in October.  
  • Each child will be presented a team jersey and socks at the draft when the teams are announced, so please make sure that you bring your own jersey and socks to the placement sessions. Jerseys are provided by Tim Horton’s and must be returned at the end of the season to be used again next season.  Socks may be kept.
  • Please equip your child with their own, personal, labelled water bottle with a long spout so that it will go through their helmet cage.
  • Volunteers are what make this program and all hockey programs great! There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer and there is an expectation that each family will contribute in some way to their team or the Timbits program.
  • Bow River Timbits runs a Timbits tournament in December between Christmas and New Year’s. All the Timbit families in the program run it and each of our teams will play in the tournament. This is a fundraising opportunity for our teams and another great volunteer opportunity.
  • Children must be dressed in full equipment – see image for details.  Mouthguards are optional at the Timbits level.
  • Hockey Calgary allows Timbits teams to play additional sanctioned games above and beyond their weekly practices. These games are arranged by and funded by each individual team. The games are optional but must not exceed the age group game limits.

Registration begins online JUNE 1st

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